Dr. Lartin offers Neurofeedback training, a natural approach to restoring the nervous system to its original, balanced state. Neurofeedback training is a pleasant, noninvasive approach to health and well-being. A combination of information from the person’s brainwaves, computer software and music give feedback to the brain. This

results in clients feeling less stressed, calmer, and capable of clearer thinking. This training is useful to people who experience chronic stress, anxiety, sleep problems, depression, PTSD, irritability, and attention-related difficulties, among many other psychological and physical disorders. Most clients are able to reduce, avoid or finish a course of medication such as those used for depression, anxiety and attention problems. Depending on the situation, Dr. Lartin may recommend using Neurofeedback in conjunction with counseling, medical evaluations, and/ or lifestyle changes to achieve an optimum state of health.

To benefit from this training, all the person has to do is sit back, listen to music and enjoy the experience.

Since brainwaves and personal patterns change together, changing brainwave patterns through Neurofeedback creates an opportunity for these stuck patterns to drop away. Additional applications for Neurofeedback include peak performance training and help towards recovery for people with head injuries, fatigue and strokes.

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The following is a somewhat technical but very informative article about using Neurofeedback in situations where there has been emotional trauma early in a person’s life:

Directory of Neurofeedback practitioners, who use the same software (NeurOptimal) that I use; I know many of  these Neurofeedback trainers but as always, your own discretion  should prevail: