Targeted Amino Acid Therapy

Find out what kinds of neurotransmitter and or adrenal imbalances may be working against your optimal functioning.


Cost: initial assessment and testing: $150, payable through PayPal.

Supplement monitoring, which includes ordering, initial review of progress, reordering when indicated and final evaluation is also $150.


Additional appointments are available on a case-by-case basis.

Dr. Lartin makes herself available to clients via Skype, FaceTime and phone.


The process is simple:


1. Complete the on line assessment (under construction).


2. Once Dr. Lartin reviews your assessment information, she will contact you either to set up the initial appointment or refer you to another practitioner if your situation requires this.

The first in-person appointment is designed to learn as much about you physical and emotional states as possible, using the on line assessment and personal interview.


3. After the conversation is completed, Dr. Lartin will send you a test kit, you fill in all related forms and send in a urine and possibly saliva samples directly to the lab.


4. Approximately 2 weeks after you’ve mailed your samples to the lab, a second conversation will be scheduled to review the results and recommendations. These may include suggestions for supplements, lifestyle changes and referrals to additional licensed health care practitioners.


5. If you decide to begin supplementation, Dr. Lartin will order these to be sent directly to you and review how and when to take them.

If you decide not to pursue supplementation at this time the fee for services is $150.


6. Two weeks after beginning supplementation, a brief follow-up meeting will be scheduled to evaluate progress, answer questions and possibly modify dosage and administration times.


7. Two weeks later the final session is scheduled to fine-tune the process and refer clients to other practitioner(s) as indicated.


Additional meetings may be scheduled on an as needed basis.